Explore Colorful World of French Fashion

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Explore Colorful World of French Fashion

When it comes to fashion, you can always lean on the French.

Living with a style and a passion seems like their national talent and most of their women really do have a superb taste for clothes. Somehow, they always make it look effortless, carefree and rich, without losing that sophisticated and classy tone.

French style is sexy. Always. Elegant, sensual and seducing. Their eye for details won’t miss a chance to spice up every combination with some intriguing catchy thing and turn even the most everyday look into the unique one.

For hundreds of years, French fashion designers were trend-setters, brought completely new ideas and styles, but all of them tried to implement two major policies: “Less is more” and “Quality over quantity”. Their common ideal of woman is smart, classic, elegant, mystic and confident modern woman.

“Perles Chamarine Fashion” is a fashion blog designed to help you learn how to wear, look, shop and absorb this fatal French look in your personal style.

Among fashion tips and styling trick, you will find guidelines and inspiring ideas for a wide range of different styles, suggested combinations for various occasions, advice and examples of effective accessories, jewelry, makeup and hairstyle.

Whether you prefer professional style, boy-like look, classic lady, chic French gal style, combinations with a little bit of rock and roll in it, fairy talish looks or carefree chaotic and artistic look, you will find the stories and photos matching your taste.

Some of the key elements specific for the French fashion are well known and recognizable worldwide.

Their daily combinations are casual and tailored, usually quite basic and neutrally colored, without any extravagancy in it. Occasional trendy detail or some lovable color combination can freshen it. Seducing and alluring style is reserved for evening combinations.

It’s not typical to see glam and glitter and shining bubbles all over the place (or face) in their fashion style. French women keep it simple, but effective. A glamorous effect comes out of their self-confident appearance.

They are self-aware and know very well what their best feature is. The whole philosophy is to highlight best features and to use different tricks to zoom one part of the outfit. If the French woman has a pretty face, she’ll use necklace, earrings and adequate top of the dress to draw attention to that part of herself. That’s the leading policy.

Traditionally, French fashion used neutral color pallet, mostly based on combining black, grey, brown, white and beige. Green and purple and dark red were allowed. Modern trends experiment a lot with bold colors and patterns, but still keeping it balanced, without visual noise or sliding into cheap look.

Pieces of wardrobe they prefer are timeless models, but general formula for successful French style is to make your style be dominantly classic and high quality, but to add just some unexpected trendy detail, as a plot twist.

Once you figure out the underlying idea and desired impression of French fashion, you can use your creativity to combine pieces and accessories and play with your personal style in the French way.

Explore colorful world of French fashion here at “Perles Chamarine Fashion” and discover the major advice and tips and trick behind this femme fatale French look.

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            Even if you have never attended a fashion show or read a fashion magazine, chances are that you are familiar with the idea that Paris is the capital of fashion and that French style is something that we should all aspire too. Even if your job is not related to fashion, and you are, let’s say, a real estate agent in Brentwood, California or you work in a bank somewhere in Texas – French fashion is somewhere around you. But, only if you ever had an opportunity to visit the largest city in France will you truly realize how the French girls and the French people in general are living their own noir movies and how their fashion choices are a real reflection of their feelings and ideas.         


If we look historically, French fashion became popular very early, even in the 14th or 15th century, but the real expansion happened in 18th century when “haute cauture” style was created and dispersed around the world. And even though some other large cities, like Tokyo, London or New York are trying to take the crown off of Paris – the city of love remains untouchable and it governs the world’s trends with impeccable accuracy and impressive creativity. Many famous fashion houses have their origins in Paris, and their headquarters are still located in the chic areas of the town. Some of those names include Givenchy, Dior, Celine, Lacroix, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Vuitton and many, many others.

            Paris is still the mainstay of fashionistas because of the long tradition of this city and the fact that it is still a Mecca for people who enjoy luxury, style and fashion. Beauty of Paris is seen in its architecture but also in its people and their fashion choices, since many famous designers turn to streets for inspiration and they boldly display trends which were originally a part of Paris street scene. Also, there is a Fashion week here and it is held two times per year. This event is very attractive for many people, and a lot of media and famous faces attend the presentations of Karl Lagerfeld or John Galliano, among many others.

            When it comes to modern trends, most experts say that you should use French fashion as an inspiration to create and develop your own style, and that signature look is what attracts people. Mix & match is a current trend in the French capital, but it is imperative that you feel comfortable in your clothes and that everything comes natural to your own personality. In order to stand out from the crowd, which is a trend in Paris, ladies use effortlessly styled hair, oversized coats or shirts with stripes. Even though this look may seem classical – fashion experts say that class lives forever and that something so good can never go out of style. When it comes to colors, simple palette is trendy in recent months and if you opt for a classical combination of black and white there is no doubt that you will be successful in your choice of clothes.

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